Represented by Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler



Talks and Panels


Kastela Art Center , Athens: THE MIGRATORY MEME UPCOMING April 11th

Spike Berlin: The Basilisk

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam: What Is Happening To Our Brain?

Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art New York Panel: Dark Charisma

new.New Festival 2016: From the Sovereign Individual to the Targeted Individual (video)

Hamburg Kunstverein: POST WTF

DLD12, Munich: Ways Beyond The Internet (video)




Frieze Magazine: Survey: Culture Wars

Texte Zur Kunst #105: Timeline Of The Alt-Fact

Text Zur Kunst #101: Daniel Keller on Peter Fend at Barbara Weiss and Oracle

Text Zur Kunst #97: Hottest New Alt Marriage Stack Solutions (w/ Paratext by Ella Plevin)

Spike Art Magazine: Fatima Al Qadiri in conversation with Daniel Keller

Spike Art Magazine: The #DeepDream Trip Report

Frieze Magazine: Trouvaille 13

Living in The Future #3: iDRIVE (with Ella Plevin)

Dis Disaster Isssue: What is Seasteading?

Lazy Ocean Drift Press Release

Liquid Autist Press Release

Exotic Options Press Release

Rhizome: World Community Grid Water Features Press Release

Special Projects


Daata Editions: Exitscape (with Martti Kalliala)

Kunsthalle Liechtenstein : TEDxVaduz (with Simon Denny)